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In addition to the main feature, we are proud to present the following DVD Special Features, which are sure to expand and enhance the Pruitt-Igoe story.


The testimony of former residents forms the heart of “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth,” but many great hours of resident interviews were left “on the cutting room floor.” The producers have compiled an additional fifty minutes of resident stories, a valuable oral history of life in Pruitt-Igoe that continues the emotional dialogue begun in the film.


A 30 minute documentary from 1970, the first film by Steve Carver (“Big Bad Mama”), focusing on the life of a young man growing up in Pruitt-Igoe. Featuring an evocative jazz score and sharp editing, this impressionistic cinematic portrait follows William Townes as he discusses life in and outside the projects, romance, fights, friendship and his aspiration to someday do “more than one thing.” Previously available only on two 16mm prints, the filmmakers tracked down the film from a brief newspaper account from the 1960′s and came to rely heavily on its sharp black-and-white visuals in The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. Courtesy of Steve Carver.


Explore the physical and psychological geography of Pruitt-Igoe with architectural historian Michael Allen. This 12-minute featurette captures the urban wilderness of the Pruitt-Igoe site.


Director Chad Freidrichs provides a “Q&A on a disc,” answering the most common questions received during question-answer sessions and relating stories and historical background that didn’t make the film. He also shares production tips and his own unique process of working with archival materials, a resource for current and aspiring archival filmmakers.


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