Feb 14, 2011

“The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” wins Best Documentary Feature at Oxford Film Festival

Chad Freidrichs accepts award for Best Documentary Feature at Oxford Film Festival. Photo courtesy of: Danny Klimetz

We had a very pleasant surprise at the conclusion of the Oxford Film Festival this past weekend.  With a packed and attentive awards-night crowd, and amidst a strong lineup in several categories, the judges selected “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” as best documentary feature, with an Honorable Mention for cinematography going to Beijing Taxi“. We’re honored that they thought so highly of the film, and appreciative of their award — a handsome statuette that they call the “Hoka”, which was designed by a local sculptor. Our thanks go out to the Oxford Film Festival, and especially their staff and volunteers.  We’d also like to express our appreciation for the people who attended our screenings and contributed to what were some very thoughtful and illuminating Q&As.  We saw a handful of St. Louis folks who made the long drive to Oxford — that was special for us; I hope you enjoyed the film. The people of the Oxford Film Festival were fantastic, Melanie and the staff deserve praise for being so helpful and accommodating.  The people of Oxford, Mississippi, were pretty amazing as well.  We’d like to thank three new friends we spent significant time with — all strangers met by random chance, and each suggesting that there just might be something to the whole “Southern Hospitality” idea.  To Asst. Provost Dr. Donald Cole, for a fascinating tour of Ole Miss’ historic Lyceum; to Jane, the English composition teacher and bartender at Taylor Pub for taking us in and showing us around town; and to Dave, an Ole Miss Engineering student who taught us the Hotty Toddy, and ordered a St. Louis beer before he even knew where we were from. Great festival; and thanks, we’re honored. rss Update: Here’s some video of Chad shortly after receiving the award. Video courtesy of Oxford Film Festival‘s YouTube Channel.

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